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Internal linking: from SEO to user experience

Internal linking is not only essential in improving your SEO performance, it also helps in keeping users on your website by pushing the right content at the right time.

The objective is to make sure all your webpages are linked, and also to be consistent so that users browse more pages: for that we have to link the pages together based on their content.

Index all your pages

Search engine bots scan your inlinks to find new pages: make sure you have all of your pages indexed.

Prioritize important pages

Search engines take into account the number of internal links and the anchors used to enhance a page in their results: give priority to the most important pages.

Reconcile content in a relevant way

The challenge is to provide Internet users who land on your site with content that is relevant to their search intent. Offering them context-specific pages becomes essential for them to stay on your website.

Advantages of a remotely controlled inlinks module

There are many advantages to having links modules on your site, to optimize its referencing as well as the users' journey. Opt for a module managed remotely to reduce technical interventions and ensure tailor-made and dynamic steering.

Maximize indexing of the structure

Introduce new pages to search engines and avoid orphan pages

Decrease page depth

Move up pages that are too deep in your site architecture

Prioritize pages

Scult your internal network to prioritize the right pages

Automate the link building

Select and modify without technical intervention the number of links to display and the rotation time of the links

Reduce development time

Add your new links and vary them regularly without technical intervention

Control your links remotely

Change links regularly and automatically

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3 steps to control your links

The links are configured in our interface and sent by JS or API to your website. You display the modules where you want, and manage the content of the modules remotely without technical intervention on the site.

Design your links modules on Dynamolinks

Create a module in a few minutes, define the number of links to display, how to add links (rss, automatic or manual) ...

Install the module on your website

Use an available plugin (wordpress, prestashop, drupal), the API integration guide or the module in javascript.

Analyze and optimize your links performance

Your module is installed, you can now control it from the Dynamolinks interface independently.

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